We thank you for taking an interest in the history of Harden & Huyse Chocolates. Our company has a rich family history dating back to its humble beginnings in 1982. Read on to learn all about us!

H&H Company History The Hardenne Family Sticking together

The Harden & Huyse family legacy is the real thing. They originate from Belgium and learned their craft at the hands of old-world Belgian chocolate makers. John Hardenne’s original attempts in a test store quickly led to his son, Anthony opening their first chocolate shop, soon to be joined by his brother, Claude.

H&H Company HistoryClaude Hardenne Managing Director

Claude has been with Harden & Huyse Chocolates from the beginning. He recently moved his family to the newest location in Cobourg, Ontario where his parents have retired and he shares operating responsibilities with his wife Charlene, his sister Jennifer and her partner Frederic Picard. Look for a sparkle in his eyes when you mention chocolate.

H&H Company History Claude & FamilyFamily Passion

Today Claude and his wife Charlene carry on the family tradition and the celebration of chocolate. It appears the grand-kids have also inherited the love for chocolate. This bodes very well for the future of Harden & Huyse and speaks directly to what is a sweet life…and a family passion.



The beginning

The manufacturing of our fine Belgian chocolates began in Victoria, B.C., by John Hardenne at a test store in 1982 with a silent partner.


Harden & Huyse

Realizing the test had produced potential, Mr. Hardenne then encouraged his two sons to consider a career as chocolatiers and the opening of the original Harden & Huyse was undertaken in Saskatoon, Sask., in 1983.
1984 - 2004

Early Years

A period of growth and refinement.  In 1987 Anthony invited his brother Claude to join the team as a chocolatier. They place their combined efforts towards meeting demand and refining manufacturing processes.  By 1990 Anthony moved his focus to marketing while Claude managed production.  During this time period, capacity continued to grow and the redesign of the packaging was undertaken in order to supply greater distribution. Subsequently, our award winning packaging led to sales in New York, San Francisco and nationally across Canada.
In 1997, Anthony would leave to acquire his MBA at Queen’s University and Claude and his wife Charlene took over operations.


Still Passionate. Still Growing.

Today we are focused on the same values which gave us our start, consistent quality! The spirit of this business has always been about family and our love for chocolate. This led us to opening our latest store in Cobourg, Ontario where our parents had retired. The Cobourg location is operated by Claude and his wife Charlene, as well as his sister Jennifer and her husband, Frederic Picard.