Individual Case Packages

Gram Box
  • 2 Chocolates
  • (28 gr/box)


Gram Box
  • 4 Chocolates
  • (56 gr/box)


Gram Box
  • 8 Chocolates
  • (113 gr/box)

Gram Box
  • 16 Chocolates
  • (227 gr/box)

Gram Box
  • 32 Chocolates
  • (454 gr/box)

*We want to help make this the perfect gift. If you desire them, customized boxes, decorations and ribbons are available as an extra service. Please call us for further inquiry regarding your needs.


Box Sizes

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Box of 2 Chocolates

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Box of 4 Chocolates

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Box of 8 Chocolates

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Box of 16 Chocolates

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Box of 32 Chocolates

  • Corporate Gift Orders

    Selection of Five Box Sizes

Gift Occasions

Have you forgotten the magic that exists in the gift of great chocolate?

From it’s earliest days, chocolate was regarded as a substance of power; a symbol of wealth an luxury. The Maya and Aztecs, who both used it as currency, considered chocolate a gift from the gods – a sentiment still shared by many today.

Mouth watering and delicious, each piece of Harden & Huyse chocolate embodies luxury and indulgence – key ingredients of the perfect gift.

“It brightens up a persons day, and when anyone in our family goes out to dinner, chocolates go along, too... I’ll always be amazed by this products ability to offer us something sensual and to take us away – even if just for a moment.”

Claude Hardenne
President, Harden & Huyse Chocolates


Here are some Gift Occasions to keep in mind:

  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Thank you Gifts
  • Special Dinners
  • Special Celebrations

*Or how about the great gift of spontaneity? When is the last time you surprised someone you care for... just because you want to? Try it, and watch what happens!

Fast Delivery

When you make a prepackaged order (see Gift Box Sizes tab) before 2pm we guarantee your order to be shipped out the same day! After 2pm, your order will be shipped the following day.

Let us handle your mailers. Simply choose a box and your message, then with a delivery manifest we pack and ship direct for you!

Easy Order & Payment

Call us with your order and we will process your credit card payment over the phone. It’s that simple – your chocolates are on their way!

Freshness Guarantee

We guarantee our products are shipped fresh to your door. In the unlikely case that you experience quality concerns, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure you the situation gets fixed.